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Portwest Workwear

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  • SK11 Portwest Thermal Socks (Small+Large)
  • C701BL Portwest Combat Trousers  (28 to 48 Waist)
  • FR21 - Flame Resistant Super Light Weight Anti-Static Coverall 210g (Xsmall to 4Xlarge)
  • S790 Portwest Combat Shorts (Small to 2XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • C030NV CE Safe-Welder Coverall Flame Resistant Navy (XSmall to 5XLarge)
  • BIZ1 BizWeld FLame Retardent Boilersuit Reg 31 Inch Leg (XS To 6XL) 7 COLOURS
  • S797 Portwest Ladies Combat Shorts (Sze 8 to 18) 2 COLORS
  • F400 Argyle Heavy Fleece (XXsmall to 7Xlarge)  7 COLOURS
  • F205 Portwest Aran  Medium Weight  Fleece (Small to 3XL) 3 COLOURS
  • LW20 Portwest Classic Tunic (XSmall to 3XLarge)  5 COLOURS
  • C701NAV Portwest Combat Trousers  (28 to 52 Waist)
  • BIZ1T BizWeld Flame Retardent Boilersuit Tall 33 Inch  Leg (S To 5XL) 4 COLOURS
  • BIZ5 BizWeld Iona Coverall 31 Inch Regular Leg (XSmall To 5XL) 5 COLOURS
  • E043 Hi-Vis Poly-Cotton Shorts (Small To 3XL)  3 COLOURS
  • C734 Portwest Kent Chefs Jacket (XSmall to 4XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • C802S Standard Coverall Navy (S To 6XL)
  • S415 Classic Bodywarmer (XSmall to 2XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • LW13 Portwest Modern Tunic
  • S887BL Action Trousers Black Available in 36 inch Leg  (26 to 56 Waist)
  • S687NA Ladies Action Trousers With Side Elastication NAVY (Xsmall to 3XLarge)
  • F813 Iona Enhanced Visibility Coverall (Small to 4XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • S523 Oban Fleece Lined Jacket (SMALL TO 2XLARGE) 2 COLOURS
  • TK50 Softshell Jacket (Xsmall to 4XLarge) 3 COLOURS
  • TK51 Portwest Softshell Bodywarmer (Small to 2XLarge) BLACK ONLY
  • TK40 Oregon Softshell (Small to 4XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • TX14 Portwest Texo Contrast Shorts (XSmall to 2XLarge) 3 COLOURS
  • S889 Portwest Action Shorts (XSmall to 4XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • T602  Stretch Holster Work Trouser Adjustable Leg Length (28 to 42 Waist)
  • C802P Boilersuit Black Reg (S To 2XL)
  • C803 Portwest Nylon Zip Front Boilersuit (Small to 4Xlarge) COLOUR NAVY
  • C811 PortWest Zip Front Cotton Boilersuit (Xsmall to 4XLarge)
  • C813 Zip Boilersuit Regular Leg (Small to 6XLarge) 5 COLOURS
  • C813T PortWest Zip Fronted Boilersuit  Tall Leg (Small to 3XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • F414 Iona Enhanced Visibility Bodywarmer (Small To 2XL) NAVY ONLY
  • F433 Iona Enhanced Visibility Fleece (Medium To 2XL) SINGLE COLOUR
  • S433 PortWest Iona Enhanced Visibility Jacket (Small To 2XL) 2 COLOURS
  • S412 Portwest Glasgow BodyWarmer (Small to 3Xlarge) NAVY ONLY
  • S414 Shetland BodyWarmer (Small to 4XLarge) 3 COLOURS
  • B133 Portwest Thermal Baselayer Top (Small to 2XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • B131 Portwest Thermal Baselayer Legging  (Small to 2XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • B120 Portwest Thermal T-Shirt Short Sleeve (Small to 3XL)  4 COLOURS
  • B123 Portwest Thermal Long Sleeved T-shirt
  • B121 Portwest Thermal Trousers (Small To 5XL)
  • S485 Hi-Vis Contrast Coverall - Lined (Small To 6XL) 3 COLOURS
  • S495 Sealtex Ultra Breathable Hi Vis Rain Coverall (Medium To 2XL) 2 COLOURS
  • S450 Sealtex Classic Jacket (Small to 3XLarge) 4 COLOURS
  • S451 Sealtex Classic Trousers
  • S452 Sealtex Classic Coverall  (S To 3XL)
  • S453 Sealtex Classic Bib & Brace  (Small to 3XLarge)
  • S351 Sealtex Air Trousers
  • S440 Portwest Classic Rain Jacket (XSmall To 5XL)  5 COLOURS
  • S441 Portwest Classic Adult Rain Trousers (Small To 5XL) 5 COLOURS
  • S438 Portwest  Classic Adult Rain Coat (Small to 4XLarge) 4 COLOURS
  • S535 Pilot Jacket (Small to 4XLarge) SINGLE COLOUR
  • S570 Aviemore 3 In 1 Mens Jacket (Small to 3XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • S532 Orkney 3 In 1 Waterproof and Breathable Jacket (Small to 4XLarge) 3 COLOURS
  • F465 3-In-1 All Weather Bomber Jacket (Small to 2Xlarge) 2 COLOURS
  • S571 ELGIN 3 In 1 Ladies Jacket (Small to 2XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • S530 Arbroath Breathable Fleece Lined Jacket (XSmall to 5XLarge) Navy
  • S536 Portwest Ayr Breathable Waterproof Overtrousers