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Workwear Jackets / Body Warmers

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  • R204X Core WindCheater (Small to 2Xlarge) 8 COLOURS
  • S412 Portwest Glasgow BodyWarmer (Small to 3Xlarge) NAVY ONLY
  • R208X Core Body Warmer (XSmall to 3XLarge) 4 COLOURS
  • S415 Classic Bodywarmer (XSmall to 2XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • UC613 Ladies Full Zip Soft Shell Jacket (XS to 2XL) 3 COLOURS
  • Super Pro Bodywarmer (Xsmall to 3Xlarge) 2 COLOURS
  • RX550 Pro 2 Layer Soft Shell (Small to 5XLarge) 3 COLOURS
  • R209F Result Ladies Fit Soft Shell Jacket (Xsmall to 2Xlarge) 3 COLOURS
  • R214X Core SoftShell BodyWarmer (Small to 3XLarge) 3 COLOURS
  • RG073 Regatta Classic SoftShell (Small to 3Xlarge)  4 COLOURS
  • UC612 Classic Full Zip Softshell Jacket Waterproof , Windproof , Breathable (Xsmall to 6Xlarge) 3 COLOURS
  • SN130 REGATTA SOFTSHELL Water-Repellent JACKET (Small to 3XLarge) 15 COLOURS
  • RG045 Dover Waterproof and Windproof Jacket (XXSmall to 5XLarge) 13 COLOURS
  • RG155 Regatta Ladies Fit  Softshell Body Warmer (Small to 2XLarge) 5 COLOURS
  • Portwest PW278 - PW2 Women's Softshell (2L) Size XS-2XL (3 COLOURS)
  • F414 Iona Enhanced Visibility Bodywarmer (Small To 2XL) NAVY ONLY
  • R209X Result Soft Shell Jacket (Xsmall to 3XLarge) 3 COLOURS
  • R128F  Result 2 Layer  Softshell Jacket (Xsmall to 2XLarge) 4 COLOURS
  • R128X 2 Layer Softshell (XSmall to 3XLarge) 4 COLOURS
  •  RE94A  Promo bodywarmer (Small to $XLarge) 3 COLOURS
  • S418 Portwest RS Reversible Bodywarmer Sizes XS-2XL
  • R203X Core CWL (Dri-Warm & Lite) Jacket (Small to 2XLarge) 6 COLOURS
  • R206X Core MidWeight Jacket (Small to 3XLarge) 4 COLOURS
  • RE45A Multi Purpose Bodywarmer (Small to 2XLarge ) 5 COLOURS
  • RG154 Soft Shell Body Warmer (Small to 3XLarge) 5 COLOURS
  • TX10 Texo Contrast Jacket (Xsmall to 3XLarge) 3 COLOURS
  • HBB Click Hudson Bodywarmer (Small to 2Xlarge) 2 COLOURS
  • S414 Shetland BodyWarmer (Small to 4XLarge) 3 COLOURS
  • R123A Softshell Bodywarmer (Small to 2XLarge) 5 COLOURS
  • R221F Result Ladies Fit Waterproof Windproof  Jacket (XSmall to 2XLarge) 5 COLOURS
  • S535 Pilot Jacket (Small to 4XLarge) SINGLE COLOUR
  • RE67A Multi-Function MidWeight Jacket (XSmall to 3XLarge) 3 COLOURS
  • RG164 Octagon 3 Layer Softshell  Bodywarmer (SMALL TO 5XLARGE) 4 COLOURS
  • Portwest CD876 - WX2 Eco Softshell Gilet (2L) Size S-3XL (6 COLOURS)
  • R121F Result Ladies Fit Waterproof Windproof Breathable Softshell Jacket (Small to 2XLarge) 6 COLOURS
  • RG151 Regatta Womens Uproar Softshell (Small to 3XLarge) 5 COLOURS
  • RG089 Reid SoftShell Jacket (Small to 3XLarge) 3 COLOURS
  • TK40 Oregon Softshell (Small to 4XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • TK41 Fleece Lined Waterproof Windproof Breathable Softshell (XSmall to 2XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • RG150 Uproar Softshell (Small to 3XLarge) 5 COLOURS
  • RG078 Ladies Fit Water Repellent  BodyWarmer (Size 8 to 20) 2 COLOURS
  • R221M Core Channel Waterproof Windproof  Jacket (Small to 4XLarge) 5 COLOURS
  • R238X Compass Padded Softshell (XSmall to 4XLarge) 12 COLOURS
  • R195X Urban Quilted Jacket (XSmall to 3XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • R900X Recycled 3 Layer Soft Shell (XSmall to 4XLarge) 2 COLOURS
  • Portwest CD870 - WX2 Eco Softshell (2L) S-3XL (6 COLOURS)
  • KB400 Ladies Fit Soft Shell (Small to XLarge) 5 COLOURS
  • KB403 Contemporary Softshell Bodywarmer (Small to 2Xlarge) 2 COLOURS
  • R131M Osaka Combed Pile Softshell Jacket (Small to 3Xlarge) 3 COLOURS
  • S523 Oban Fleece Lined Jacket (SMALL TO 2XLARGE) 2 COLOURS
  • TK51 Portwest Softshell Bodywarmer (Small to 2XLarge) BLACK ONLY
  • Portwest DX476 - DX4 Softshell Gilet (3L)
  • Portwest PW329 - PW3 Square Baffle Jacket Size S-3XL
  • R207X Core Winter Parka (Small to 3XLarge) 6 COLOURS